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Autumn + White is a fine art graphic and web design company with a passion for creating brands that are as beautiful & authentic as they are effective

A simply beautiful brand is...


Building an authentic brand begins with a clear brand identity and voice. Your brand should represent you well. From the colors and textures used, to the copy and images, each element plays a vital role in defining your business’ brand and establishing authenticity.


To create a relevant brand requires engaging with your tribe – those who are in or around your target market. It is important to know the aesthetic they are drawn to and the language they speak so you can create compelling content that resonates with them and attracts them naturally.


In order to be effective, your brand needs to reflect clarity and confidence. Our goal is to go beyond a beautiful-looking logo or website and discover what makes your brand and your story truly unique and compelling – a brand that captivates your audience and inspires confidence in doing business with you.

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