The Kate Broddick Team

Having followed Kate’s successful real estate career for over 6 years, I knew her brand was in need of a refresh. As the #1 REALTOR in her city for years, she needed a brand that would visually represent her and her team well, and create a cohesive look and feel across all her marketing platforms, from social media to print and advertising.

When she approached me about creating custom social media posts, I suggested a re-brand and she was totally on board! In just 2 short months we refreshed her logo, created a brand guide for consistency, updated her website, print materials, ads, social media accounts and more. It was a whirlwind, but the results are fantastic, and Kate, along with her team of 4 agents and 3 admins, love the results.

We chose a rich colour palette of navy, grey and white with warm copper accents that is both elegant and sophisticated, in stark contrast to most real estate branding. We wanted her to stand out at a glance as the industry leader.

I am currently working monthly with TKBT to create custom social media posts and maintain their brand visually and strategically.